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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mrs. Toole's Class

Wow!  What a wonderful day!

I was invited to read to a class of students in Park Ridge N.J.  I've done readings before, but this was the first time reading to a group of kids who were familiar with the salesman and his tales.  Their teacher, Mrs. Toole, has been reading them stories from the Anthology all year, and invited me to come in and read a bit from my new book, The Innkeeper's Vampire. They loved it! 

They were so full of questions I could barely keep up!  I answered them as best I could, and promised them I would answer more up here in the coming weeks. Mrs. Toole also had them write book reports on the stories, and a few of the kids stood up and read them aloud!  I really had a terrific time, and even let them in on a few clues as to why the salesman is sending his wife money (they're buying land, lots of land).  And no, I didn't tell them (nor will I tell you!) what they plan on doing with it.  You'll just have to wait until I get around to writing about that part of the salesman's life. 

Here's a picture from today's reading (I had to block out some of the kids faces for obvious reasons):
Thanks again Mrs Toole, you have a great bunch of kids there!

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