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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Pirates of the Gargoyle Valley

Well, I just finished writing my most recent book, The Pirates of the Gargoyle Valley.  I just love it when a good story comes together and I get to type "The End". 

In this tale the Salesman finds himself in a hidden valley ruled by gargoyles.  They are intent on keeping their existence a secret from the world, and as such, make anyone who enters the valley a prisoner.  The pirates wandered in several generations ago, and have been kept there by the gargoyles ever since.  Now the Salesman shows up, and the gargoyles think they can keep him prisoner too! 

Those of you who know the Salesman, know that's never going to happen! 

It's a fun story with lots of adventure, magic and humor.  There's even a romance between one of the pirates son's and a gargoyle princess!

Several of my test readers recieved their copies of the story today, and I'm looking forward to their feedback.  Then starts the whole editing, proofing, cover design, conversion (for ebook readers) and promotion process.  Not as much fun as writing to be sure, but still an important part of getting the story from me to you. 

If all goes well, the book should be available for purchase sometime over the summer.  I'll be sure to let everyone know when that happens!

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